10 Dance Pass

Don’t forget that the club offers a 10 dance pass.

It means that you do not have to stand in line and pay each week.  We will exchange your receipt for a business card that allows you to keep track of how many times you have attended.  We just ask that you get your card stamped with each attendance.

TERM 2 Lesson List

School Holidays School Holidays
Shadow Salsa 27.4.16 Killarney Vale Waltz
Shadow Salsa 4.5.16 Killarney Vale Waltz
Modern Waltz 11.5.16 Twilight Waltz
Modern Waltz 18.5.16 Twilight Waltz
Modern Waltz 25.5.16 Lucille Waltz
Modern Waltz 1.6.16 Lucille Waltz
Routine 1 8.6.16 Militaire
Routine 2 15.6.16 Militaire
Balmoral Blues 22.6.16 Rio Swing
Balmoral Blues 29.6.16 Rio Swing
School Holidays School Holidays