Lesson List for TERM 4

I have put in some favourite sequence dances for the 7 pm Dancers this term.  I am hoping this will get some of the new learners up a bit more for the sequence time that everyone else enjoys.

PLEASE remember for the lesson time that it is difficult to teach with background noise and as the participants are there to learn, keep your chatting and noise outside while the lessons are on. 


Term 4 2016

Red Rose Saunter 12.10.16 Presidents’ Daughters’ Waltz
Red Rose Saunter 19.10.16 Presidents’ Daughters’ Waltz
Evening 3 Step 26.10.16 Tangoette
Evening 3 Step 2.11.16 Tangoette
Gypsy Tap 9.11.16 La Bomba
Gypsy Tap 16.11.16 La Bomba
Merrilyn 23.11.16 Carousel
Merrilyn 30.11.16 Carousel
Alpha Waltz 7.12.16 Rainbow Rumba
Alpha Waltz 14.12.16 Rainbow Rumba
School Holidays School Holidays

Author: Feathers

I have been dancing since 1978 and teaching Ballroom Dancing for at least 30 years

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