Excerpt from our waltz

We have almost finished the waltz for this year and I am hoping that many of you are feeling more comfortable with the freestyle Modern Waltz.  having a little routine can make it a lot easier.

Part of what we have in the routine is the whisk. wing and open telemark so here is a little slowed down video to remind you of the footwork, and styling for these few figures.



New Vogue Demonstration

This is a demonstration by Stephano Olivero and his new partner following his previous partner Natalie Lowe going to the UK to join Strictly Dancing ( the UK version of Dancing with theStars).  She has become one of the favourite professionals over there.  I will put up the demo of her and Stephano following winning the New Vogue Australian Championships in another post.


A Great Green Night!

We had so many green shirts, skirts, dresses, ties, ties and a few other bits of green last night!  The night was so enjoyable and the Irish music just added that green touch.

Thanks to everyone who made such a great effort.

Next month we will all enjoy purple.  I look forward to all the different versions of purple we will see.