The Year Ahead


Oh What a night we had last night! It was so special with everyone so dressed up.  We enjoyed the fabulous music from the 20’s & 30’s – many of which we dance to every week.  Thanks to everyone who attended and joined in the fun, you all made my night!

I forgot my camera but Ian brought his along thankfully and I will put up those photos plus the ones from the Christmas Party when I get them from him.

This year every third Saturday of the month will be special.  We will feature a colour like we did last year with our pink night.

The first one in January will fall on 21st and will be the colour BROWN to commemorate this wide brown land. A opportunity to enjoy a bit of a diversion from the usual dancing night.

Lessons resume on the Wednesday 1st February    – Until then the Wednesday dance will run from 7.30 pm with no lesson but if you want some personal assistance I will be available for from 7pm.  

We all look forward to to a happy year of dancing at Rooty Hill RSL so please tell any friends who would like to come and join us to learn this wonderful pastime.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Special Nights for 2017

We have had an odd Color night and lots of people enjoyed it so in 2017 we shall have a color night on the 3rd Saturday of each month.

January  21st      BROWN

February 18th    RED

March 18th         GREEN

April 15th            PURPLE

May 20th            WHITE

June 17th             PINK


August 19th       YELLOW

September 16th  BLUE

October 21st        ORANGE

November 18th   BLACK


December 31st -New Years Eve – Theme will be announced later in the year.

Watch the basic steps with the world competition couple.

This little exert from a competition routine has the beautiful basic steps most of you do in your waltz.  Please note a couple of extra things:

1) The amount of height the man gets through his feet & ankles on beats 2 &3 ,

2) The compression through the knees to get the length of stride he achieves.

While you may not be able to do these steps like this couple, you will find that adding foot rise and compression in a similar way, your waltz will feel much more beautiful.  These are things to practise even before you get on the floor with the foot excerises we sometimes talk about in the lessons.



10 Dance Pass

Don’t forget that the club offers a 10 dance pass.

It means that you do not have to stand in line and pay each week.  We will exchange your receipt for a business card that allows you to keep track of how many times you have attended.  We just ask that you get your card stamped with each attendance.