About Heather

I have been dancing since 1979.  I then started doing music for others to dance to whilst at the same time continuing to dance, then assisted another teacher whilst honing my own teaching skills.  I have been teaching at the Rooty Hill RSL for 27 years now and still get immense pleasure watching new students develop a love for dancing.  Ballroom Dancing has been both a relaxation and a challenge for me as it is one of many things where you never stop learning or trying to improve your skills.  Passing on my knowledge is a joy I continue to appreciate.


2 thoughts on “About Heather”

  1. Hi heather. It’s been 10 years and a lot has happened..mostly bad..I scratched my legs on a pallet 5 years ago and they went black. Double course antibiotics stopped the rot but then the legs ulcerated..and the skin fell off..an now I am in liverpool hospital getting them fixed n and I am 150kg..miss you merrickray@yahoo.com


    1. Hi Ray,
      Sorry to hear you are not well. Such a long time since we have spoken. Life has seen many changes for me as well. I have moved, retired, and with covid there is no more dancing. Rooty Hill took the opportunity to close us down and so I am no longer dancing. Many of the dances have closed and so many have aged and got frightened of getting the virus that they are not going out. Many of my clientele are gone or just no longer dance. I can’t afford to have the insurances, hire venues and only 30 people so I have not even bothered. Life is much simpler without it.
      What have you been doing with yourself for the last few years? I thought you may have moved to the asian area as you were chasing those girls last we spoke. I am still putting up with Jeff and his temper tantrums. We are travelling bush a lot and that is what I like – so I am happy. Long winding roads west suit me perfectly. Slow rivers with river gums and a few birds to enjoy all make me smile each morning. Jeff has realised his life dream and had the birds we travel to each year preserved, with the property now a national park. It has been a long road but now he gets to have his mane associated with that for years to come.
      Not much else to tell except I love retirement and have slowed down to a walking pace and spend time in the garden, on the road or knitting mostly.

      Hope all is going well with the leg repair,


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