Each Wednesday at 7 pm I teach a Basic Lesson.  It is the same dance for at least 4 – 6 weeks where I teach the beginner steps of the dance, progress to some figures which will eventually end up being a basic routine which can be danced in a freestyle fashion, changing the order of the figures and keeping it interesting.

These  lessons will cover basic footwork, technique, posture, plus the steps covered in the figure for the week.

At around 7.30pm we move to a Sequence Lesson, often in the same music style or dance style as the 7pm lesson.  For instance, if I am teaching Waltz at 7,  I will usually cover a sequence waltz at 7.30 after the first few weeks of basic waltz.  This ensures that the basic steps are used again in the sequence dance.  It also makes it easier to master the sequence dance.  The sequence dance is taught over two weeks.

Following the lessons, a social dance is run, however, early in the night, the two lesson dances are practised three times to ensure retention and practise for the learners.  It helps with mastering the steps for the following week.  The social dance usually finishes around 10.30pm.

The lessons are scheduled for the school terms as many of the patrons have commitments during the school holidays with grandchildren.  During the school holidays I either repeat a requested lesson or help dancers individually with things that are causing difficulties. The social dance runs as normal during the holidays.



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