Current Lesson List

I have finished the list for term one and it is available for your information.

I will be recommencing to play the barn dance.   ONLY Dancers  with a partner are able to join the barn dance.  If dancers without a partner get up and join – the barn dance will be stopped and not continued.  This is a safety issue for some of our dancers.  No negotiation will be entered into.  

Lesson 1 Lesson 2
31/1/18 Slow Rhythm Rio Swing
7/2/18 Slow Rhythm Rio Swing
14/2/18 Slow Rhythm Serenade
21/2/18 Slow Rhythm Serenade
28/2/18 Slow Rhythm/chassis Militaire
7/3/18 Barn Dance Militaire
4/3/18 Barn Dance La Bomba
21/3/18 Cha Cha Barn Dance La Bomba
28/3/18 Cha Cha Barn Dance Mazurka
4/4/18 Rhythm Barn Dance Mazurka
11/4/18 Disco Barn Dance Mazurka
School Holidays