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Term 2 is now here and I am back on deck with my second knee replacement.  Wonderful advancements with medicine… I would recommend new knees to anyone who is suffering arthritic pain!

We are targeting the Waltz this term and I am hoping to get more  of you to like it by giving  you a routine you can dance in the freestyle modern waltz.

There is a difference between a sequence and a routine for freestyle.

Most Sequence dances, whilst they are based on standard figures, they often have dancers moving in the opposite direction to the normal flow on the floor.  Whilst this is Ok if everyone is doing the sequence, it does not comply with the accepted rules of the floor for freestyle dancing.  Hence, I do not encourage sequence mixed with freestyle!

A routine on the other hand does comply with the flow, normal rules and consideration of all on the floor in a freestyle dance.  So with that in mind, I will be devising a routine for the waltz that will be able to danced during the modern waltz sections of the program.

I would encourage all of you who said you did not like the modern waltz to come along and try it, so you are able to enjoy one more dance that is beautiful.

2/5/18 Balmoral Blues Alpha Waltz
9/5/18 Balmoral Blues Alpha Waltz
16/5/18 Red Rose Saunter Emmerdale Waltz
23/5/18 Red Rose Saunter Emmerdale Waltz
30/5/18 Modern Waltz Engagement Waltz
6/6/18 Modern Waltz Engagement Waltz
13/6/18 Modern Waltz Vanity Waltz
20/6/18 Modern Waltz Vanity Waltz
27/6/18 Modern Waltz New Vogue Waltz
4/7/18 Modern Waltz New Vogue Waltz
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