Current Lesson List

The Lesson List for Term 4 is ready.

The list this year is made up of mostly requests so there is no real structure to the choices. Most of the requests made it in.

Cha Cha 11.10.17 Brazilian Samba
Cha Cha 18.10.17 Brazilian Samba
Cha Cha 25.10.17 Katrina Samba
Cha Cha 1.11.17 Katrina Samba
Slow Foxtrot 8.11.17 Fascination Waltz
Slow Foxtrot 15.11.17 Fascination Waltz
Slow Foxtrot 22.11.17 Argentine Stroll
Slow Foxtrot 29.11.17 Argentine Stroll
Slow Foxtrot 6.12.17 Excelsior Schottische
Slow Foxtrot 13.12.17 Excelsior Schottische