Two Months – Hard to Believe…

My last post was on 20th March when we had our last night of dancing.  it is now 25th May and two months of lock down is starting to ease.

As yet there is no positive hope of dancing but as restrictions ease I am praying it won’t be too long before we can all start to enjoy music and friends again.


As soon as the club is allowed to have us back dancing I will be ringing to get permission to open up again so for those of you who have connections upstairs – have a word for us please and the rest of us will start praying to get the dance going again


Until then, make sure you are still practising in the hallway, the kitchen, the garage or where ever there is enough room.

In the meantime please stay well and safe.





Christmas News

The dance will close on Wednesday 18th December and reopen on Saturday 11th January.

Lessons will recommence on Wednesday 29th January.

Some changes next year but will update you closer to lessons starting.  If you wish to receive email notifications please send me your email for m to add to the mailing list.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for another year of dancing.




Lessons for this term

Lessons this year will be a little different.

Wednesday will still be for new learners, or those wishing to brush up on technique and practise their basic steps.

I am introducing the sequence lessons to Saturday nights.  They will run from 7.00pm until 7.30pm and this year all the lessons are requests from the patrons.  The list will feature dances not danced at Rooty Hill before.

I will be taking the pace slower, only teaching a set amount each night and introducing that dance to the programme only when the lessons are complete.  Unfortunately some dances will then need to be rotated as there will not be enough time for all dances as the new ones are added.

Next term lesson list

No lesson list will be published next term.  Instead we are going to try a new concept since so few are attending the lessons.

For next term lessons will need to be booked with  Ian or myself  at least two weeks in advance.  The lesson can be any dance that is normally taught by us.  Dances taught elsewhere will not be taught.  You may request assistance with  problems, to learn a dance or to enhance technique.

The dance will start at 7.30 and run similar to Saturday with no lesson practise sessions.  If there are no lessons booked, music will be played for that half hour for personal practise.