Christmas and New Year Dates

Hi Everyone,  Just to let you know about the dates etc for the coming Christmas season….

Last lesson night is 13/12/17 but there is dancing on the following Wednesday 20th December  – just no lesson.

Last Saturday night will be 23rd December for the Christmas dance – THEN New Years Eve is on again on 31st December.  Theme for that night is the Movies –  Come as a movie star or as a movie title or as anything associated with the movies.  We will be dancing to songs from the movies and hopefully the whole program will be movie music – some from long ago – some more recent!

Dancing then resumes after New Years Eve on Wednesday 3rd January and Saturday 6th January until next Christmas!!!

Looking forward to seeing you over the Christmas New Year period. If you are busy, I wish you a safe and happy time with your family over this important time.  I thank you for your attendance and patronage over the last year.

Excerpt from our waltz

We have almost finished the waltz for this year and I am hoping that many of you are feeling more comfortable with the freestyle Modern Waltz.  having a little routine can make it a lot easier.

Part of what we have in the routine is the whisk. wing and open telemark so here is a little slowed down video to remind you of the footwork, and styling for these few figures.



New Vogue Demonstration

This is a demonstration by Stephano Olivero and his new partner following his previous partner Natalie Lowe going to the UK to join Strictly Dancing ( the UK version of Dancing with theStars).  She has become one of the favourite professionals over there.  I will put up the demo of her and Stephano following winning the New Vogue Australian Championships in another post.


A Great Green Night!

We had so many green shirts, skirts, dresses, ties, ties and a few other bits of green last night!  The night was so enjoyable and the Irish music just added that green touch.

Thanks to everyone who made such a great effort.

Next month we will all enjoy purple.  I look forward to all the different versions of purple we will see.