Old Friends Remembered

Over the years we have had many friends who are no longer able to dance with us or who have joined the Ballroom in the Sky.  As with all things, it is only when we no longer remember friends that they are truly gone, so this is my tribute page to friends who are no longer able to dance with us.


In 2019 we lost one of the true gentlemen of our dance.  Jeff has been a regular for many years and he had a sudden onset of illness that unfortunately took him to our ballroom in the sky.  Here he is dancing with Edda and he often danced with ladies who did not have a partner.  He is missed.

Recently an old friend who used to dance with us for many years has departed to dance upstairs.  Mike was always smiling and a favourite with the single ladies.

Formal 2015 - 289 of 315

We have recently lost Richard to his breathing illness.  He spent many hours sharing his knowledge of many special dances and sharing his love of dancing.


Unfortunately we have said goodbye to Maria a short time ago.  She will be smiling at us from the ballroom above as we dance her favourite dances.

Xmas2003 11 (Medium)

This lovely lady is living in a retirement village now

90 Bronwyn & Michael

Michael & Bronwyn are living in Hervey Bay now.

The Darling Carmen is no longer able to dance with us but visits regularly.
June is still dancing but not with us.


Eddy has had his hip done so it will be a while before he can come back to dancing.

valentines dance 024

George  always loved his dancing, and it is wonderful that Edda pops in occasionally to see her old friends, but currently she is on an extended holiday in the old country to see her extended family.


Mavis is no longer with us and Norman is not able to
come dancing anymore


John in no longer with us and June has now joined him in the heavenly ballroom


Tony is wearing out his dancing shoes in the ballroom in the sky.


We remember Lenny every time I play the Harry Lime Theme – his favourite song.


Mary is busy with her embroidery in heaven but Les unfortunately can not return without his beloved Mary.


Dearest Sid is counting the steps with St Peter and occasionally Martha pops in to say hello.


Isabel has joined other friends of ours in heaven and we miss her laugh.

John & Coral

John is laughing with St Peter and Coral pops in only occasionally to say hello.


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